Topfield Products

Click a link below to read more about some of the products we developed ourselves and are now exporting under our brands. They all belong to fast-growing industries worldwide, and are ready for you to start distributing in your country or region.


TOP RENDERING Construction Machinery

Say goodbye to the old wall rendering techniques.

Now you can render a wall at an amazing speed – up to 700m2 (per 8 hour shift) with our automatic rendering machines, saving costs with labour expanses and getting a perfect, smooth surface.

After you finish, you can use our amazing DUSTLESS SANDER BACKPACK in order to achieve the perfect results, avoiding up to 98% of the dust and dirt.

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TopHouseware  is our brand of  house ware and kitchen ware products, and has been created to be a market leader, delivering state of art  tools for the modern household, such as fully automatic coffee machines, mini vacuum sealers, air fryers, stainless steel rubbish bins and cookware sets. 

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DEMOTOP Equipamentos

Originally developed to the Brazilian Market, these products are also available for other countries as well. We can offer a one-stop solution for your warehousing and logistics needs, particularly forklifts, industrial doors, warehouse shelves, etc.

For a fast link to some of the products check it out:

Or visit DEMOTOP website (in Portuguese).

Detailed specifications and price lists are available on request.

Dragon Power Artwork

Dragon Power Energy Drink

More than $40 billion  sales of sports and energy drinks were recorded in 2010. The global sports and  energy drinks market volume is estimated to grow at a CAGR of more than 3%  every year. The value of the market was more than $38 billion and is expected  to cross the $52 billion by 2016. The largest share was contributed by North  America with over 37%; followed by Asia-Pacific with over 30%. Europe is  expected to show a rapid growth amongst the geographies. Several markets are  dominated by regional players but “Red Bull” and “Gatorade” are the undisputed  market leaders in the energy and sports drinks respectively.

If you want to be part of it, email us today and became the distributor in your country or region.


TopField China – Cases, Accessories & Spare Parts for Smartphones

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According to ABI Research “Smartphones will drive $20 billion in aftermarket accessory revenues in 2012, accounting for more than half of the $36 billion that all aftermarket handset accessories will produce. By 2017, smartphone accessories will grow to $38 billion in revenues, while feature phone accessory revenues decline to $12 billion.”We offer the latest cases, accessories and spare parts for smartphones, such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, etc.
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