About Us

  goldfish jumping out of the water  Topfield Hong Kong is a Chinese company founded in 2010, dully registered in Hong Kong with office and warehousing facilities in Guangzhou, South China. 


As a trading company, since our inception we specialize in selecting manufacturers of various products in China and other Asian countries (such as Vietnam, Thailand and India), hire them, look after the production, inspect the cargoes, arrange sea or air shipments, and export to our customers. Always exporting the products directly, thus taking full responsibility for the shipments that we made.

Since the beginning, we noticed several needs from our customers,which eventually become the differential services provided by us, because none of them are usually offered by Chinese exporters:  


When customers with no experience in the import/export market reach us, they have several doubts:

“how to became an importer according to the current rules in my country?”

“how much will I pay in freight charges, and how it will affect the final cost of each product I am going to import? 

“which taxes and import duties am I going to pay?”

“how to make the customs clearance when the products arrive in my country? 

Topfield Hong Kong will help you with these issues, by providing the HS Code of the products, calculating the detailed freight charges and helping with the duties applicable, as well as the customs regulations for the products you are importing. Totally free of charge.


After you choose what to import and we select the most appropriate manufacturer to produce it, you will have to move to the next step – make the necessary changes in your product in order to adapt it to your project, as well as creating the best packing for it. You can, of course easily find a company in your country to make it, but the costs are usually very high. 

Topfield Hong Kong will offer these services free of charge.


Sometimes our clients want to import smaller quantities of several products in the same shipment, but most of the Chinese exporters don’t allow it, and set “M.O.Q” (“minimum order quantities”) which are too high. It is a huge problem to the importers, because it is not easy to manage several import processess at once – separate payments, commercial invoices, packing lists, etc… The only solution is to find a Chinese company able and open to do it for you, combining the products from several  different manufacturers and export to you under an unique process. 

Topfield Hong Kong can do it, at no extra cost. You will pay only for the products.


It is very common to be approached by customers with the following question:  

“We see that thousands of products sold in our country are imported from China, so it must be a great business opportunity, and we would like to be part of it. But what can we buy? Which product can we choose to distribute in our country? 

 Topfield Hong Kong has identified several  industries that are seeing high growth and have ample opportunity for new players. Then, created exclusive products, which are ready to be imported and marketed, such as our energy drink –Dragon Power Energy Drink. Please visit our site for full details or contact us for more information.  

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